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Net Worth Express financial statement software provides you with a clear picture of your financial situation and simplifies the process of securing a loan or line of credit. While there are several ways to evaluate ones monetary situation, determining what is known as your “net worth” is perhaps the clearest indicator of your financial condition at any given point. That is why many financial institutions require a Personal Financial Statement that includes a calculation of your net worth when applying for a loan or maintaining a line of credit.

Until now, determining your net worth and creating a Personal Financial Statement has been a daunting task. Net Worth Express has changed that. With Net Worth Express, individuals may:

Create a Statement of Financial Condition (also known as a
Personal Financial Statement) to calculate your net worth
Detail your assets and liabilities using pre-defined schedules (20 in the HOME Edition and 30 in the PRO Edition)
Categorize your income and expenses, and then view an
annualized summary
Specify personal contact and employment information
Provide information on an individual or joint basis
(with a spouse, for example)
Identify your important relatives, contacts, and documents
Use the professional, customized printout when applying for a
loan or maintaining credit with a financial institution

Net Worth Express financial statement software gives everyone the ability to easily determine their net worth and gain a better understanding of their overall financial condition. Most individuals will find that the HOME Edition fully meets their financial statement preparation needs, however individuals with a more complex financial situation (small business owners and high net worth people, for example) — may want to consider the extended features of the PRO Edition.

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